Horse Shows


Show starts promptly at 8am

Hunter Jumper Show Class

1 Lead-line Equitation
2 Ground poles Equitation (OF)
3 Ground poles Equitation (OF)
4 Ground poles Equitation (OF)
5 Ground poles Equitation Flat
6 Ground poles Equitation Medal
7 Cross rails Equitation (OF)
8 Cross rails Equitation (OF)
9 Cross rails Equitation (OF)
10 Cross rails Equitation Flat
11 Cross rails Equitation Medal

(10 minute schooling break)

Short Stirrup/ Limit Rider Show Class

(If less than three entries then divisions will be combined)

12 Short Stirrup/ Limit Rider (OF)
13 Short Stirrup/ Limit Rider (OF)
14 Short Stirrup/ Limit Rider (OF)
15 Short Stirrup/ Limit Rider Flat
16 Short Stirrup/ Limit Rider Medal

Show Dates

  • To be Annouced in July!

  • Horse Show ready guide

    A practical checklist for horse show preparations

    Are you ready to show?

    Discuss with your trainer the class they feel that you are ready to compete in. Trust in their expertise and listen to their recommendations.
    You may need to work on a few kills, so be prepared to take an extra lesson before the show.
    Determine the appropriate show attire that will be expected and accepted ath the upcoming show and make sure you have what you need.

    Attire Checklist:

    (To be cleaned and ready for the week before the show)
    Hair Nets- at least two
    Hair bands/clips
    Show boots
    Extra Shoes to wear around show grounds
    Riding Gloves
    Safety Pins/yarn for show number
    Raincoat – rainy weather or not
    Extra pants to go over riding pants
    Boot pulls, rub rag, nylons or powder.
    Riding Jacket
    Show shirt
    Belt Sunscreen
    Remember it’s always a good idea to prepare for all weather conditions!

    While you may not have your own pony/horse yet, it is important to think about what your mount will need. Do not leave everything up to your trainer. Share in the care; your pony/horse depends on you! Until you get your own tack, offer to help clean and oil the tack before the show, but be sure not to oil the seat of your saddle right before show day because the oil will rub off on your riding pants. If your pony/horse needs a bath or a trim offer to help with this as well! Appearance is everything! Buy your own white saddle pad (make sure it is for the right size saddle you use) and contoured fit, keep this only for shows.

    Tack Checklist:

    Clean Saddle pad
    Halter/lead line
    Hay net
    Water bucket
    Fly spray and Hoof dressing are expected for all show riders purchase.

    The day of the show:

    Eat a healthy breakfast!
    Make sure you pack plenty of water and food, not all facilities will have food and beverages available.
    Remember to cool your pony/horse after you ride.
    Bring some treats such as carrots or apples to reward your pony/horse.
    Arrive at show grounds at least 45 minutes early. You will need time to: dress, and learn the pattern of the course.